Information / Privacy

This tool was created by Max Pfandl and was intented for private use but made public on popular demand. Source is basically open, but only on request.

The application is hosted on a Raspberry Pi: thus performance may not be not as snappy as it could be.

Uploaded data is not store on the server: pictures, tracks and user credentials are only in memory and will be removed after the generation.

Results of requests to Garmin are cached for 10 minutes to avoid latency for previewing/changeing/downloading the overlay. Credentials are not cached or stored in any way.

Reading the track from Garmin is inspired from garmin-connect-export by Kyle Krafka.

Some settings are stored on the local webclient for convenience (gpx-file or garmin, toggle advanced)

For statistical purposes, Google Analytics is included in the page.

Google Ads are placed on the page to help me finance the server.

Feedback is always welcome: just drop me a line here.